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Here at Gallery Homes our number one priority is to create the ultimate new home in both quality and design for our customers. Our reputation is everything. With over 150 years of combined building and design experience between the core Gallery team members, we continue on a daily basis to strive to create Southern California homes of distinction for our homebuyers.

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Our Team

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Our Services

  • Project Workouts

    Our Team conducts extensive feasibility analysis to determine of the current status and costs, marketability, political climate, environmental conditions and alternatives to build-out or sell.

    Further research and analysis looks closer at the community impact and growth, and whether the land parcel suits the immediate and long-term needs of its future residents. Such crucial concerns such as schools, roads, water, environmental impact and parks are all painstakingly addressed.

    When a project finally gets a "green light", our experienced Team works in close coordination with our engineers, utility companies, local governing agencies, marketing team and sales personnel to map out and build each new community to ensure it meets Gallery Homes' most demanding and stringent standards.

  • Engineering And Development

    Our Team takes raw land and makes preparations to transform it into a community of distinctive amenities and home sites. Taking into consideration the multiples of geographic and human variables, our Team works to submit an approved plan for the undeveloped land parcel.

    In these environment conscious times, however, it is an increasingly complicated task. Not only must the plan specifically address the needs and desires of local community groups and site planners, it must also meet the ambitious objectives of Gallery Homes.

  • New Homes

    Our Team performs such wide-ranging duties as establishing marketing objectives, product selection, recommendations for retail pricing, forming sales strategies, as well as development advertising and public relations programs.

    Long before construction may begin, our professionals analyze market trends and potentials, conduct independent competitive analysis, and provide Gallery Homes with vital consumer feedback on product concept, buyer needs and desires, as well as lifestyle information.

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    Our Team concentrates on three strategic areas: Forward Planning, Marketing and Sales.

    Our team of professionals assembles and analyzes current and historical data relating to a project's marketplace. Taking into consideration competitive product studies, traffic studies, and absorption rates, we submit in-depth recommendations on product concept, plan mix and pricing for Gallery Homes' communities.

    In addition, we are deeply involved in developing the corporate identity and overall image for every distinctive project. Valuable marketing expertise is provided in the areas of Product Concept, Theme Development, Image and Sales Office Design.

    Other marketing responsibilities include advertising and promotions, model home merchandising, conducting market studies and budget approvals.

    The sales team of New Homes provides a vital link in maintaining the warm, caring image of Gallery Homes. Our Team also constantly analyzes the market conditions and makes appropriate pricing recommendations. Additionally, we remain up-to-date on the latest take-out financing programs.

  • Commercial / Self-Storage Facilities

    Our Team conducts extensive research and feasibility analysis to acquire land for commercial and self-storage facilities. We determine the marketability, political conditions and profitability make it a realistic venture to pursue. When our Team finally gives it a "go", we entitle the land, design and build, and provide "turn-key" management of the development and building process.

  • Communities Relations

    Reflecting our deep, long term commitment to be a "good neighbor" in all of our communities, Gallery Homes' provides a vital link between the developer and the many people it affects.

    In constant touch with the pulse of a community, we evaluate local public attitudes, analyze the policies and procedures of local political bodies, and implement responsive programs that earn public understanding and acceptance.

    When situations arise that require consumer and political rapport, Gallery Homes provides the necessary forum for discussion, clarification and resolution of issues that concern all interested parties.

    Because matters of community importance are particularly sensitive to timing, our Team stays well-informed on the policies and underlying issues that affect the families and environments of our neighborhoods.

    Gallery Homes strives to encourage and develop support from the key public sectors, including elected and appointed officials, City and County staff personnel, and community planning groups. Moreover, our Team actively participates in a spectrum of community and service organizations, as well as many area events. With greater emphasis being placed on such issues as growth and the environment, Gallery Homes stands committed to understanding and responding to the very real concerns expressed by community groups, political leaders, and public officials.

    From land acquisition, planning, map processing, engineering and grading, product design, construction coordination, sales and homebuyer warranties, Gallery Homes provides the full complement of services that ultimately determine a project's success.

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front view of new home at Nandina community
  • Coming from a family that travels all around the country, I really appreciate coming back to my beautiful Gallery home.

    Darin Medley, Temecula, CA

  • We loved the homes that Gallery has been building in my districts so much… we bought one.

    — Jeff Stone, California State Senator

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  • Gallery Homes builds beautiful neighborhoods with stunning architecture and quality development. Gallery is always welcome in the City of Temecula.

    Chuck Washington, County of Riverside Supervisor

  • I appreciate the great job Gallery Homes does with their neighborhoods and wonderful homes. Gallery is always a welcome addition to the City of Riverside.

    Steve Adams, Council Member, City of Riverside