Gallery Homes

At Gallery Homes, our number one priority is to create the ultimate neighborhoods in both quality and design for our customers. Our reputation is everything to us. Gallery’s principal has over 42 years of development, building and design experience and more than 50% of the Gallery Team has been together more than 20+ years. We have always strived to create unique and efficiently designed homes for the ever-changing Southern California market..



Our Team conducts extensive feasibility analysis to determine the projects’ current status, costs, marketability, political climate and environmental conditions, all of which allows us to create alternatives on how best to re-design, determine build-out options and maximize sales and profits. Further in-depth research looks closely at the community impact and growth, and whether the land parcel suits the immediate and long-term needs of its future residents. Such crucial concerns such as schools, employment, roads, water, environmental impacts and parks are all assessed and evaluated.

When a project gets the “green light”, our experienced Team works in close coordination with our engineers, utility companies, local governing agencies, marketing team and sales personnel, to map out and build each new community to ensure it meets Gallery Homes’ highest standards and will be profitable to our investors and a positive addition to the over-all community.


Our Team will entitle raw land and make preparations to transform it into a community of distinctive amenities and home sites. Taking into consideration the multiples of geographic and human variables, our Team works to achieve a design for the undeveloped land parcel and turn it into a neighborhood anyone would love to call “HOME”.

In these environmental-conscious times, however, it is an increasingly complicated task. Not only must the design specifically address the needs and desires of local community groups and City planners, it must also meet the ambitious objectives of the Gallery Homes Team.


Our Team performs such wide-ranging duties as establishing marketing objectives, product selection, recommendations for retail pricing, forming sales strategies, as well as development advertising and public relations programs.

Long before construction will begin, our professionals analyze market trends and variables, conduct independent competitive analysis, and provide the design team with vital consumer feedback on product concept, buyer needs and desires, as well as lifestyle requirements.

Our Team focuses on three strategic areas: Forward Planning, Marketing and Sales. Our team of professionals assembles and analyzes current and historical data relating to a project’s marketplace. Taking into consideration competitive product studies, consumer traffic, and absorption rates, we create in-depth recommendations for product concept, plan mix and pricing.

In addition, we develop the corporate & project theme for each distinctive neighborhood. Valuable marketing expertise is provided in the areas of Product Concept, Theme Development, Image and Sales Office Design.

Other marketing responsibilities include social media, advertising, promotions, options, model home merchandising, market studies and budgeting.


With our in-house lending company, Gallery Mortgage Group, Gallery Homes is uniquely positioned to provide a more streamlined and efficient financing process for our homebuyers. We work hand-in-hand with our sales and construction teams to provide our customers with an unparalleled lending experience. We believe in creating an individual experience for all of our clients to ensure that their home financing needs are met, and far exceed the industry standard.


Reflecting our long-term commitment to be a “good neighbor” in all of our communities, Gallery Homes’ provides a vital link between the developer and the many people it affects.

In constant touch with the pulse of a community, we evaluate local public attitudes, analyze the policies and procedures of local political municipalities, and implement responsive programs that earn City and public understanding.

When situations arise that require consumer and political rapport, Gallery Homes’ years of experience allows the necessary forum for discussion, clarification and resolution.
Gallery Homes strives to encourage and develop support for the key public sectors, including elected and appointed officials, City and County staff personnel, and community organizations. Moreover, our Team actively participates in a spectrum of community and service organizations, as well as area events.

From land acquisition to handing a family the keys to their new dream home, Gallery Homes provides the full complement of services that ultimately determine a project’s success.